Rammed Earth Buildings

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Coastline Eco BuildingCoastline Eco Building build eco homes from rammed earth and Pumice Construction We have over 28 years experience in earthworks, drainage, retaining walls,(timber gabions, rockwork) reinforced concrete, formwork and machine plant operating. Not only we can construct your own eco-friendly home out of rammed earth, we can construct anything you wish to incorporate the eco concept from your mail box to your entrance walls to your driveway features then following onto your landscaped gardens and more.

Advantages of rammed earth construction?

  • distinct appearance
  • natural and readily available
  • low embodied energy (a level similar to brick veneer construction)
  • high moisture mass, hygroscopic – helps regulate humidity
  • use of local rammed earth supports sustainability practices
  • high thermal mass
  • airtight construction achievable
  • traditional form of construction
  • modern methods are widely tried and tested throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • natural colours of rock and earth capture the Eco Concept theme throughout your property

Other Services

  • civil works
  • bulk Earthworks (Grading/bulldozer)
  • drain laying
  • retaining Walls
  • sub divisional works/construction
  • pumice construction for walls and floors
  • new roads
  • rock wall landscaping
  • install Gabion Basket walls