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PGD Solutions Whangarei Pulmbers

PGD Solutions

PGD Solutions are a residential and commercial plumbing, gas-fitting and drainage company based in Whangarei, working throughout the Northland area. We are certified Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers and up to date with all relevant...

Coast Excavators Truck and Digger working in Whangarei

Coastline Excavators

Coastline Excavators owner-operator, Steve Gillespie, has over 40 years experience and comes with an excellent reputation for getting the job done right first time. You can call Steve personally on 027 496 6799. If...

Blast Away Guys

Blast Away Guys provide meticulous soft wash and high pressure water blasting services to Northlanders.We proudly wash houses and buildings in a bid to rid the top part of our country of evil mould,...

Lambly Builders

Over the last 6+ years we have been building and growing in the wider Whangarei region. Our values of reliability and communication have helped us to grow through happy home owners and referrals, which we find the biggest compliment.

timber floor house inspection

Identifying issues with timber floors

Wooden floors, while providing a beautiful finish, come with their own inherent problems. The most common issues with flooring are obvious, with cracks, cupping (where boards rise at the edges), buckling or colouring occur,...

wasp spray from a distance

Handling wasps nests from a distance

In spring, wasps normally start making an appearance again after some respite from the pesky critters over winter. The queens will be looking for a place to nest and (if possible) produce a colony...


How to subdivide your property

Whether you own a small residential section or a large lifestyle block, if your land is too big to meet your needs and you wish to subdivide the property into two or more separate land titles, then the process you will need to go through is called ‘subdivision’.

Other Whangarei Builders

Other Whangarei Builders

This is a list of some of the Builders operating locally in Whangarei . If you would like your building company listed on this website, there are three listing options available from a free listing on the page below to a full feature page promotion with a gallery and link to your website.

stainless steel eye bolt

Various uses for an eyebolt

An important fitting which is used in many hardware jobs is the eyebolt. Here’s a few tips on getting the best from them.