Lead in your property: What landlords need to know

lead paint issues

Landlords renting residential properties in New Zealand have a legal duty to ensure their rental homes are free from health risks posed by lead. If your property was built before 1980 you must assume it contains lead-based paint unless you …

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Identifying issues with timber floors

timber floor house inspection

Wooden floors, while providing a beautiful finish, come with their own inherent problems. The most common issues with flooring are obvious, with cracks, cupping (where boards rise at the edges), buckling or colouring occur, are easily identified and immediately suggest …

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Handling wasps nests from a distance

wasp spray from a distance

In spring, wasps normally start making an appearance again after some respite from the pesky critters over winter. The queens will be looking for a place to nest and (if possible) produce a colony the size of a small car. …

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How to subdivide your property


Whether you own a small residential section or a large lifestyle block, if your land is too big to meet your needs and you wish to subdivide the property into two or more separate land titles, then the process you will need to go through is called ‘subdivision’.

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Various uses for an eyebolt

stainless steel eye bolt

An important fitting which is used in many hardware jobs is the eyebolt. Here’s a few tips on getting the best from them.

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