Handling wasps nests from a distance

wasp spray from a distanceIn spring, wasps normally start making an appearance again after some respite from the pesky critters over winter. The queens will be looking for a place to nest and (if possible) produce a colony the size of a small car. Inevitably, they choose a location that;

  1. Is hard for people to get at.
  2. Requires you to get your face really close to deal with it.

Be particularly aware if you are cleaning gutters as wasps like to build nests inside a dry gutter and you could dislodge a sizeable nest if you’re cleaning them out with one of those u-bend water blasters from ground level, without ever knowing they are there!

A local business has found a solution to the problem of dealing with wasps nests safely (and from a distance). There’s a new wasp and insect spray called Wasp-X.

Home and Commercial Wasp Spray

The best thing about this new product is that you don’t have to get close to the wasp nest in order to deal with the wasps. Wasp-X is ideal for anyone from the home owner to property managers, forestry contractors, landscapers or anyone who might have to deal with wasps on a regular basis. The large can shoots out a jet of foam up to 5 metres away, so you can stand at a safe distance and coat the nest and the wasps without getting stung. The wasps are also immobilized immediately, so you won’t have any swarms of angry, stripy, stingy beasties chasing you. This is just great compared to using a powder, where you have to get within arm’s reach of the nest and then hope that the wind doesn’t blow in the wrong direction and give you a mouthful of it!


Buy wasp spray online

Wasp-X sell wasp spray online and delivery is free throughout New Zealand. You can buy a single can or even a large box of twelve for commercial use. This wasp spray has been approved for sale in New Zealand.


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