Blast Away Guys

Blast Away Guys provide meticulous soft wash and high pressure water blasting services to Northlanders.We proudly wash houses and buildings in a bid to rid the top part of our country of evil mould, dirt and paint damaging grime.

Here at Blast Away Guys we like to think that we pretty darn fastidious when it comes to making the stuff we clean spick and span. It’s all in the detail when it comes to delivering a job well done.

We don’t just stop at washing houses and buildings! We also prudently wash windows, water blast and soft wash paths, patios, decks, driveways, concrete areas, fences, signage, car parks and even tennis courts. We can also often be found clearing gutters of debris, unblock drains and applying spider and bug treatments to homes.

Our washing services include cleaning of residential houses, commercial buildings, rental property and council owned buildings in Northland.

As well as exterior house and building washing we also clean clean paths, patios, decks, driveways, concrete areas, fences, signage and windows. We are highly focused on customer service and exceptional workmanship.

Blast Away Guys

phone: 0800 BLAST 1 (0800 252 781)

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